Cedar Falls Christian Writers’ Workshop 2009 a Roaring Success

Panel discussion-Doc Hensley, Shelly Beach, Jolene Philo, Tracy Groot, Jean Vaux

Panel discussion-Doc Hensley, Shelly Beach, Jolene Philo, Tracy Groot, Jean Vaux

Once again the Cedar Falls Christian Writers’ Workshop was named a landslide success by those who attended, thanks to amazing presentations by “Doc” Dennis Hensley, Christy Award-winning novelist Tracy Groot, and journalist Jolene Philo, author of the soon-to-be released book, A Different Dream for My Child: Meditations for Parents of Critically and Chronically Ill Children. For the past seven years, the workshop has been known for its intimate environment and nurturing atmosphere and has drawn top-notch authors and editors from across the nation.

This year Tracy Groot led our participants on a “research walk,” where they explored the insights and delights of walking into their plot and interviewing their characters. Doc Hensley assisted, playing the role of an elderly grieving husband. We strolled to a local cemetery, absorbing the sights and sounds along the way and questioning our motives for going to visit a graveside in the middle of the morning. When we arrived, we found Doc standing beside a headstone with a croquet mallet, jumper cables, and flashlight resting at his feet and an umbrella shading his head. It was our task to unearth the story of the man at the grave and his beloved departed Dottie.

Attendees at the conference enjoy three-and-a-half days of up-close and personal access to conference presenters, as well as hands-on workshops in subjects ranging from time management to query and proposal writing to crafting characters from real life. Because attendance is capped at thirty-five, the conference offers one of the most intimate writers’ conference environments in the nation in a beautiful, rustic Bible conference setting with fully-equipped cabins.

Reserve your spot now for 2010, when Mark and Jeanette Littleton will join us, bringing their vast publication and editorial experience to the conference. Updated registration information will be available after July 1 at shellybeachonline.com.

Research walk, 2009 Cedar Falls Writers' Workshop

Research walk, 2009 Cedar Falls Writers' Workshop

2 thoughts on “Cedar Falls Christian Writers’ Workshop 2009 a Roaring Success

  1. I have lived in Cedar Falls for five years and this was my first time attending the Christian Writers Workshop here in my own backyard (seriously, it’s just two streets away from my house). I assumed that if it was taking place in my small town, it must not be on the same level of other national events I’ve attended. I was so wrong! This workshop brought in top names and offered high-quality instruction of the same caliber that I have found all over the country in larger settings. But the smaller atmosphere made for more individualized attention, so it was wonderful. I’m a published author but still learned a lot and found the networking to be invaluable. Looking forward to next year’s workshop.

    • Jocelyn, thanks for your great endorsement. We loved having you with us this year, and we hope to see you again in 2010. Because our conference is so intimate, we all come away with amazing relationships and heart impact, on top of tons of practical tools and ideas. Ideas are already rolling around for next year . . .

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