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Short bio:

Shelly Beach is a Christy Award-winning author of ten books and co-author of numerous others. She has written with and edited Pulitzer Prize finalists, Mayo clinic physicians, New York Times best-selling authors, and presidential advisors. She is a national speaker with Daughters of Destiny prison ministry, expert consultant for, and co-founder of two writing conferences. Shelly is co-founder of and consults nationally in prisons, hospitals, and mental health facilities. She also speaks at conferences and seminars on caregiving, spiritual formation, and mental health. She can be found at

Interview questions for Love Letters from the Edge:

What’s the story behind this book—how did the two of you come to write it?
Give us an overview of Love Letters from the Edge. Why is this book different from others on the market?
Why is post-traumatic stress disorder an issue? Why should the church be talking about it?
Can you give an overview of PTSD—what it looks like and what it feels like? And how does PTSD impact people of faith?
Who’s your audience for this book, and what qualifies the two of you to write about these issues?
What can pastors and churches do to help people—and women in particular—who are suffering from trauma, abuse, domestic violence, and other trauma-related issues?
Shelly and Wanda, you’ve co-founded an organization called PTSDPerspectives ( Can you tell us a little bit about that?
You’re currently booking Love Letters conferences across the country. What do those look like, and what’s your goal for women who attend those conferences?
A woman who’s been abused and is suffering with the symptoms of trauma picks up your book and reads it. What’s the central message she’ll come away with?
How can people get in touch with you?

Purchase links for Love Letters from the Edge:


For review copies for Love Letters from the Edge contact

Noelle Pedersen
Kregel Publications
616-451-4775 ext 239

A promotional interview is also available upon request.

To book radio or television interviews, please contact Wanda Sanchez at 806-789-8471 or at Wanda@WLSCommunications. My co-writer Wanda and I are also available to do media together.

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