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As a board member and community leader responsible for bringing powerful speakers to our professional and faith-based venues in San Diego, California, I’m faced with the challenge of finding the perfect speaker who can inspire, equip, and challenge audiences to live a dynamic faith in the community and workplace.  Shelly Beach exceeded everyone’s expectations.

During her visit, Shelly spoke to three distinct audiences of professional women, young mothers, and counseling professionals. The feedback from each group was unanimously positive, echoing the opinion that Shelly is not only a superb communicator, but also that her ability to marry a compelling story, humor, and candor breaks down walls and pretense, so that transformation can truly take place.  We can’t wait to have Shelly Beach return to San Diego!
Maria Keckler
Board Member/Event Committee Chair, Professional Women’s Fellowship
Marriage and Family Café Leader, Shadow Mountain Community Church
Communications Consultant/Publisher, Vineworks Publishers

Shelly combines life experience with humor and a deep understanding of God’s reality as she offers encouragement and hope to audiences.
Sandra P. Aldrich, BoldWords, International Speaker and Author

Shelly has a unique way of reaching out to audiences and capturing their hearts from the moment she starts speaking. It is evident that God has given her a gift for helping others. Her personality, concern for others, and passion for the Lord make you wish she was family. I couldn’t speak more highly of Shelly.”
Scott Eikenberry, Coordinator, Xchange Seminar Tent,
Unity Christian Music Festival

A Speaker Who Can Meet Your Needs For Your Event

Shelly customizes programs for medical and mental health providers, prisons, churches, women’s groups, conferences, schools, conventions, writers’ conferences and workshops, and caregiver groups.

She is the author of ten books, including Precious Lord, Take My Hand (Discovery House Publishers 2007), a collection of meditations for caregivers that has more than one hundred thousand copies in print. She has also written and Ambushed by Grace: Help and Hope on the Caregiving Journey (Discovery House), and her most recent caregiving release, It Is Well with My Soul. Shelly’s first contemporary Christian novel, Hallie’s Heart, (Kregel Publishers), won a Christy Award. Shelly has had the privilege of presenting the life-changing concepts from The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk in conferences, seminars, prisons, and on nationally syndicated radio shows across the nation.

Shelly is a co-founder of the Cedar Falls Christian Writer’s Workshop in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and the Breathe Christian Writer’s Workshop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is also co-founder of PTSD Perspectives (PTSDPerspectives.com), with Wanda Sanchez. Together, they provide information and resources on post-traumatic stress disorder to medical and mental health professionals, as well as educational, legal and caring communities that touch the lives of the more than 13 million Americans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.


Shelly is frequently featured at women’s retreats, spiritual formation conferences, caregiving conferences, writers’ conferences, church events, and in medical and educational settings. She’s known for her personal and transparent style and connects with audiences with authenticity, grace, and humor.


Below you will find a listing of selected topics. Please contact me to discuss specific needs for your event.

Love Letters from the Edge (individual sessions to multi-day conferences)

Based on content from Shelly and Wanda’s June 2014 release, Love Letters from the Edge: Meditations for Those Struggling with Brokenness, Trauma, and the Pain of Life. These intimate conferences address the question, In the broken places of your life, what do you long to hear God say to you? Be refreshed and hear God’s whispers of love and hope as Shelly and co-author Wanda Sanchez share God’s words of compassion and love to us in the places of our deepest wounding. These conferences address the topics of trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and the often unaddressed needs of women who suffer in silence.

Leaning into the Curves:
Embracing God in Life’s Mind-Boggling Moments
Have you ever looked at your life and wondered how God could really be in control? Shelly uses humor and experiences as a motorcycle biker to show listeners the meaning of abandonment to God.

Dignity: Caregiving Conferences:

Topics ranging from the funny to the practical to the spiritually encouraging: Pulling Out the Family Refrigerator: Sticky Issues in Caregiving; Love Will Have to Do It: The Motives that Drive Us; Hot Tubs, Harleys, and Hilarity: Fighting Caregiver Fatigue; Dancing on Fences: Building Healthy Boundaries; Driving the Pipe Deeply: The Source of Our Strength, and other topics.

Lessons from a Dead Man on a Pole:
The Transforming Power of Praise
Using a powerful personal story of despair transformed by truth, Shelly shares principles of praise that impact our relationships with God and those around us. Be refreshed in spirit as you learn life-changing principles of praise.

God’s Broken Gifts:  Treasure in the Trash Heap of Life
Has your heart been broken by the brokenness in life? Learn how God can transform even our “trash heap” experiences into our greatest treasures.

The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk:
(One session to weekend retreat)
When we step away from the goodness of God into our own quest for control, life becomes a struggle for power, positioning, self-promotion, self-protection, and plundering from others. Learn how to turn self-talk into “God-talk” and move forward into new levels of intimacy with God.

The I in the Middle of My Motives:

The word “motive” begins with the letter “m,” ends with the letter “e,” and has the letter “I” at the center. Because of our selfish nature, we’re often driven by hidden agendas and self-centered motives. Learn how discovering your true identity in Christ can transform your thinking and your relationships with others and move you to the next level in your walk of faith.

PTSD Perspectives

Medical Seminars and Single Presentations:
Conducted with Wanda Sanchez.
PTSD and the Patient Experience
PTSD Perspectives and Tools for Improving Patient Satisfaction

Child Advocate Seminars and Single Presentations
PTSD and the Childhood Experience
PTSD Perspectives and Tools for Understanding Childhood Trauma

Educational Seminars and Single Presentations for High School, College, and Educators
Conducted with Wanda Sanchez
PTSD and the Student Experience (for educators; CEU credit available)
The  Hope Bucket (student presentation)

Writers’ Conferences

Building Bylines:

Various sessions
Learn the secrets of the professionals and move toward your writing goals, whether it’s your first byline or your first novel. Sessions include:

1.Getting Started:  What You Need in Your Hand and What You Need in Your Heart

  1. Building Bylines:  101 Article Ideas at Your Fingertips
  2. Killer Queries
  3. Perfecting Your Proposal
  4. What Every Editor Wish You Knew
  5. Pressing On When You’d Rather Cave In
  6. The First Swing of the Hammer: Building Your Platform

8. Sifting for God in the Gravel: Writing Meditations and  Devotionals

So You Want to Be a Writer?
 Geared toward middle school and high school audiences, this presentation gives students a sense of what the “writing life” is like and how to get there. Shelly explains the tools of the trade and steps for success as she relates her own writing journey.

For booking information contact Wanda Sanchez: wanda@wlscommunications.com.

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