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To discuss having Shelly speak at your next conference or event, contact her publicist, Wanda Sanchez,
at or 806.789.8471.
Shelly can also be found on Facebook under the name Shelly Jean Beach

and also at PTSDPerspectives and Caregiving Journey.

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12 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Shelly, I so enjoyed having you stay with us in New London prior to the conference! Our visit made your books even more special-the antique rocker, etc. I am nearly finished with Morningsong. I think you said there would be a 3rd one in that series. Surely hope so. I have read lots of books by several Christian authors, but they become rather predictable after awhile. Yours are not like that!!!
    Hope your husband has a speedy recovery. Just saw your blog today. Caroline

    • Caroline, it was such a delight to stay with you and to share the treasures of your lovely home. I’m so glad I had the chance to tell you the “secrets” behind so many of the antiques and mementos in Hallie’s Heart and Morningsong — my grandmother’s real rocking chair, my uncle’s Smithsonian reproduction furniture, and the gift of my Aunt Evelyn’s “dearest” necklace. And thank you for your gracious words about my writing!

  2. Shelly,

    I found your website from Susie Larson’s Ezine one that I regularly receive. I enjoyed reading about you and seeing your books, I grew up near Cedar Falls, and will recommend your conference to a friend. I briefly read you had gone through a brain lesion, and wondering if you would be willing to elaborate on that time in your life at all? My husband has a co-worker who we have been trying to reach out to, and they think she has a brain lesion and will need surgery. thanks, teresa

    • Hi, Teresa. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s health difficulties. The word “lesion” can be confusion, since it can mean a variety of anomalies and not necessarily a tumor. My lesion of the brain was never specifically diagnosed. My problems began with months of balance problems that docs said were inner ear problems; then the sudden onset of a wierd headache and degeneration of my walking and vision and other neurological functions. I went through five docs in three hospitals before they found a golf-ball-sized “something” near my brain stem. I was taken to a top neuro-oncologist (I love you, Dr. Barger) because it was believed I had brain cancer, which I did not. It appears I may have had a viral lesion of the brain or a demylenating lesion, where the myelin sheath erods from a nerve and cause inflammation. When this happens numerous times throughout the brain, people are typically diagnosed with MS.

      My lesion was shrunk with an enormous burst of steroids that were reduced gradually. I am now enormously better but still battle with migraines and bizarre neuro symptoms. If you want a glimpse into my life, read my novel, Morningsong. The main character, Mona, struggles with neurological damage.

      I’m overwhelmingly grateful that I’ve regained the ability to walk, read, and care for my most basic needs — things that I lost for a time. And while many people believe God always chooses to heal his children totally, I believe that the residual symptoms that remain keep me dependent on him in a way that draws me closer to him and to others who suffer far more than I. Friends who face illness need long-term support systems for themselves and their families. God is moved by your compassion for your friend, Teresa, because it reflects his own heart.

    • Great to hear from you, Teresa! Let me know what you think. And check out the Great Escape reading contest.

  3. Shelly, as i continue to weave my way through The Silent Seduction, i once again wanted to thank you for being obediant to God in writing it, for bearing your sould and for your wonderful style of writing. Never has conviction been so enjoyable! Still trying to get ladies interested–not too many want to be changed it seems, so am waiting upon God and His plan for this whole thing.
    It sure has been an incredibly long process in my own life for which i will be eternally grateful. i also pray that this little note finds you to be continuing in recovery and that you are Blessed…someday in glory i will get a chance to hug you!!

  4. Hello. I got your name from my friend, Kristen Wisen. Shelly, I need a mentor with flesh on! I would like to find a Christian writing group in Muskegon. Could you recommend one? Lord bless your home. Kittye

    • Hi, Kittye. Yes, I can recommend a writing group. Tim Burns heads up a Word Weavers group in Muskegon or Grand Haven. You can also connect with me on Facebook and I can connect you there. We can also talk via phone. Give Kristin a hug for me. Let her know my 10th book will release in June: Love Letters from the Edge: Meditations for Those Struggling with Brokenness, Trauma, and the Pain of Life.

      • Thank you, Shelly, for such a quick response. Word Weavers meets at Spring Lake/Grand Haven in the evening. Driving that distance in the dark is what I would like to avoid, if possible. I live close to Maranatha in Muskegon and if there is not one that meets here I’ll consider that one. I have recently set up an author page. It would be an honor if you would “Like” it @ I’ll let Kristen know about your 10th book. Wow! Congratulations. I am working on publishing my first one. The title is: The Longest Letter: Incredible Hope.

  5. Shelly. This book sounds like a book men could use also. I have had many tramatic problems due to a major medical condition I have.Right now I feel like many of your readers and am asking the question. God why if you love me do you let this hurt contiinue. I am a practicing Messianic Jewish member and I know Yeshua (Jesus) is my Lord and savior but I have problems of trust and I am so looking for answers besides in scripture. Could this book be useful if I were to substitute the she for he? If Men could apply this book by doing this one simple step I believe it would help so much. Thank you for writing this book.

    • Garret, our newest release, “Love Letters from the Edge” was written primarily for women, but it can help anyone who has experienced trauma or PTSD. This is true because the symptoms, fears, frustrations, and struggles are the same for everyone. The tools that we provide are not gender specific and could be used by men. I’d encourage you to get a copy and let me know your perspective on how it helped you as a man. The book shows God’s unconditional love for us in our deepest moments of abandonment and sorrow. Certainly this principle applies to everyone who has experienced pain and loss.

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