Hallie's Heart cover smallerHallie’s Heart
Kregel Publishers 2008

As a single woman struggling to establish an
antique shop in the sleepy town of Stewartville, Mona VandeMolen’s life
is complicated enough. When she discovers her
fifteen-year-old niece Hallie hiding in her abandoned
beach house, consumed with guilt over her sister’s drowning
death, Mona’s true battle begins.

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Kregel Publishers 2009
Sequel to Hallie’s Heart
Just when Mona VanderMolen thinks she can return
to the tasks of attending to her
antique  shop, regaining her health, and focusing on
her relationship with Adam Dean, her world erupts in chaos.
Her niece Hallie arrives on her doorstep with her comatose
and drunk mother in tow. When Mona’s sister Ellen signs
herself in to an in-patient rehab center, Mona suddenly finds
herself thrust into the role of a single parent.
Morningsong explores the power of one person to infuse hope
in the hopeless through simple acts of love.
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2 thoughts on “FICTION

  1. I met you at Bridge Bible Church on March 4th and bought Hallie’s Heart. If was a great evening with a room full of women willing to listen to you speak from your heart. The gentleman that I know from Carson City is Jeff Teagarden, we dated some when he came into Spring Lake to work but he went back to Carson City and married Carol. I haven’t spoken to him in a long time but spent wonderful times with his family. NOt sure if his parents are sill alive but brought back memories of being in Carson City. I believe one of his brothers worked at the prison.
    thanks again for your wonderful and blessed time with us in Muskegon, MI

    • Trish, so good to meet you. That was a wonderful evening, and so special to me because Bridge is the church where I grew up. I had an amazing time with all of you and hope I can come back sometime in the future.

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