The Gift of Hope in the Chaos of Suicide

National Suicide Prevention Week began on Sunday and continues until Saturday; a week that surrounds World Suicide Prevention Day, held yesterday, September 10th.

For every person who completes a suicide, 20 or more may attempt to end their lives.Nearly 3000 people on average commit suicide daily, according to World Health Organization. About one million people die by suicide each year.

One of the goals for this week of awareness is to decrease the stigmatization regarding suicide.

Music for the Soul has created a unique, award-winning CD that sensitively captures the wide range of emotions experienced in loved ones in the aftermath of a suicide. Chaos of the Heart thoughtfully addresses the often-misrepresented issue of the afterlife for one who has taken their life.

Chaos of the Heart does not judge, but delicately offers the hope and assurance of a God who is big enough to handle our honesty when the pain feels unbearable.

I encourage you to consider this valuable resource for your church library, community library, or as a gift for grieving friends. It is a powerful took that can draw people toward healing.

Thank you ever so much for your wonderful contribution ‘Chaos of the Heart’. It is precious. For the first time in many, many years I am feeling hope once again. ~Anonymous, San Diego

Chaos of the Heart is available for download and comes with an accompanying discussion guide.

May you experience hope today, and perhaps offer a gift of hope to someone who needs just a glimmer.