Daddy Love

My best friend, who is single, often shares her puzzlement over the way parents behave.

dirtychildFor instance, she can’t understand why moms and dad choose to take whiny, sticky-faced, bickering kids on vacation or out to dinner. She can’t understand how a mom can look past streaks of grime to plant a kiss on a cheek or snuggle into a sweaty hug from an eight-year-old after a ball game. She can’t fathom why dads volunteer to get up at 4am to sit in a boat beside their sons and daughters, just to dangle a fishing pole into the water.

But I have an answer. God wove his image into our hearts. When we see the love of a mother or father so driven by devotion that even sticky fingers and sweaty hugs are pure joy, we are seeing a glimpse of God’s love for us.

No matter how imperfect we may be, he wants to be with you and with me for the joy we bring to his heart.

How can I not be changed by a love like that?

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