Why It’s Christmas Every Day

Photo Credit: GodPixPic.com

Photo Credit: GodPixPic.com

A few years ago a cousin of ours sent us a Christmas card with the following message: “Life sucks, but God is good.”

I have to admit, was shocked. What kind of Christmas message was that? As Christians, weren’t we supposed to be spreading “Joy to the world”?

Fast forward a few years to 2014 and let me tell you why I appreciate that card today (although I’ve never really liked that word “sucked.”)

Our world is broken, and saying it out loud doesn’t mean God isn’t good–it’s an admission that we need him more than ever.

This past year, my family and friends have struggled with cancer, chronic illness, loss of loved ones, memories of their murdered children, struggles with addiction, parenting their seldom-seen children’s children, abandonment, betrayal, job loss, and other painful issues. In the next weeks my husband will undergo two several painful and life-altering medical procedures. My best friend has fought through the past six months of her life on oxygen.

We face two unchanging truths every day of our lives: life hurts and the only thing we can count on is God’s goodness and love for us.

There will be no Christmas tree this year at our house. No family gathering. No family dinner. No gifts. But I can choose my attitude and my focus.I can still choose the truth.

  • God is immeasurably, unchangeably good, and his love for me never wavers.
  • I’m blessed to live in a nation where my life is not in immediate peril because I worship the God I love.
  • I live with abundance in comparison with others in the world–no matter what my circumstances may be.
  • I am blessed with loving family and friends.
  • Life hurts, and God chose not only to be with me in my hurt by sending his Son, but to offer him as the solution to the mess we made of things–the mess I make of things.

Life stinks–even at Christmas. For many people more at Christmas than any other time of the year. That’s why I must always remember that Christmas is a sinless baby–a perfect child–slaughtered in my place so I could live free and forgiven.

Glory to God in the highest–how can I not fall to my knees in gratitude every day of my life?