One-for-All Love


I was doing my devotions this morning and was so blessed, I just had to write a blog.

I’ve always understand that God lives in me. I’ve understood that I’m made in the image of God.

I’ve understood that I’m joint-heir with Jesus and that the same Holy Spirit that empower Jesus empowers me.

But this morning I was reading John 17. There I saw that God and Jesus shared the very likeness so that Jesus could accomplish God’s plan in the world. John 17:11 states that Jesus is no longer in the world, but we, His children are. He desires that we BE ONE, just as Jesus as God are one.

Our unity as brothers and sisters should reflect the unity and love of the Father and the Son.

To put it in very simple terms my actions and words should convey “One for all, and all for one” love.

If you pay attention when you read the Bible, you see that Jesus only ever says positive things about the Father. The Father only ever says positive things about the Son.

I’ve known very few people like this in my life–people who always believe the best first about others, who refuse to listen to gossip, who don’t speculate about what they don’t know, who don’t thrive on the type of voyeurism that has become part of our media culture and mentality.

The truly mind-boggling thing is that God’s very image is manifested in His Son, which is manifested in us (John 17:21).

Through our unity and love, we have the same power to glorify God as Jesus.

Okay people, can I get an Amen! or a Hallelujah!? Today, you can choose to love people in a way that glorifies God here on earth with the same power as Jesus Christ. Nothing prevents you from exercising that power but your own self-choice. I can choose.

As God’s children, we have POWER to change the world. Today. Wherever we are.

Think about that today before you speak.

Before you spend your money.

Before you ignore that prompting.

Before you say “yes” to that urge.

Before you dishonor your body. Or your spouse/future spouse. Or your friend. Or the person you see as your enemy. Or your employer.

“So that the world may that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me” (John 17:23).



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