Simple Ways to Make Someone’s Day

make today countI just spent three days in the hospital. Not my favorite thing to do.

But I had a choice about what to talk about and the attitude I could take.

We all do–every day–no matter where we are.

I love to catch other people off guard, make them smile, or bless them in some small way.

It’s free–doesn’t  cost me a thing. And I find myself blessed by the smiles and thanks I receive in return.

Here are my five favorite ways to make someone’s day:

1. Tell someone how wonderful they look, what a beautiful smile they have, or comment on their eyes or their hair.

I love doing this because people so seldom receive positive comments from total strangers who just want to encourage them.

2. Share five dollars or a great meal with a homeless person.

I live in Michigan, and in the winter months, I like to stock my back seat with gloves, socks, blankets, and sandwiches to hand out as I’m driving through town. I also occasionally hand out cash or fast food gift cards.

3. Pay for some’s gas or meal or… something.

I was standing in a pharmacy one day in a facility that serviced many people who are homeless in our community. The man in line in front of me needed heart medication. The total cost was less than $50, but he didn’t have it. I overheard him ask the clerk if he could purchase two pills or three for a few dollars.

I stepped up to the counter. $42 wasn’t going to change my life, but it had the potential to save this man’s life and give him a bit of breathing room. I handed over the cash and thanked God I was paying attention.

We need to pay better attention to hurting people around us.

They’re everywhere–not just on the streets but sitting beside us in board meetings and in front of us in church. It’s our job to look, to listen, and to reach out.

To have eyes that see like Jesus and hearts that beat as His.

What have you done to encourage someone? We’d love to hear from you.

One thought on “Simple Ways to Make Someone’s Day

  1. As I entered a large discount store, I noticed an employee behind a counter wiping away tears. I felt led to buy a potted, flowering plant for her, so I did. I gave it to her on the way out and told her I hoped the rest of her day would go better. Her smile was my reward.

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