Speak Life

BackToSchoolBluesWhen we open our mouths, we either speak death or life to those around us.

I grew up around someone who often lacerated others with his speech. He spoke the language of sarcasm, ridicule, and criticism.

Unfortunately, I learned to defend myself by speaking just like him.

Words can feel like a punch, and too often that’s our intent.

A  dose of self-righteous anger delivered to a telemarketer.

A snide comment made to a spouse or family member who hasn’t met our self-perceived “needs.”

A stinging verbal slap flung at a pestering child.

A rude comeback flipped over our shoulder to an irritating neighbor.

Every word, every conversation is an opportunity to advance the kingdom of God. 

To speak peace.

To give life.

To offer hope.

To change someone’s day.

Blessed are the peacemakers…

May you commit to this calling today.

May I commit to this calling today.

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