Prayers While You’re Waiting


Waiting is one of the hardest things we’re called to do. And yes, I believe as Christians we’re all CALLED to wait. This is because waiting accomplishes valuable goals, if we allow it to:

1. Waiting can shift our focus from the superficial to the eternal. 

Waiting usually makes us impatient. We want to see results NOW. We usually have our hearts fixed on getting things our way. And God uses those longs pauses to remind us that we’re not running the show. That there’s a bigger purpose than what we see in the day-to-day. That our view is limited.

2. Waiting can help us see our priorities.

Tough times usually reveal our hearts. And waiting for answers during those times show us what we REALLY think is important in life. If we’re wise, we’ll use this time to study our hearts, motives, and goals. But learning more about those things is only helpful if we grow in wisdom as we do it. This means learning to think more like God and to see life from his perspective.

3. Waiting can help us draw closer.

To people and to God. It opens our eyes to things that are truly important, if we allow our hearts to be sensitive to the Spirit of God. As we learn dependency on God, we learn to love people better. Waiting isn’t a passive thing. We wait with expectation and hope that God is at work, that he is working out the details of our lives for our best interests and to his glory, and we can therefore PRAY and ACT with gratitude and faith.


1. Pray for wisdom, and ask for wise counsel. Spend time in the Word of God, but don’t be afraid to ask godly mentors for their opinions and advice.

2. Ask God to reveal what he’s saying to you, then pray, meditate on his Word, and journal. Don’t expect to hear from God if you’re not listening to him, and the best way to listen is to spend time in Scripture.

3. Cast your fears on God. That means throw them in his direction, then turn your back and walk away. Refuse to go back and pick them up again. And if you do, throw them back to God and turn away again. And again until it becomes easier to trust him to pick up those worries for you.

4. Be grateful for where God has you today. I can do this because today has a purpose–even though the circumstances may stink. Even though it hurts. I don’t think God expects us to be grateful for pain–but I CAN be grateful because I know God takes the horror of this life and creates purpose and even beauty from it.

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