Five Things to Do When You’re Stuck Waiting

cropped-believeinthesand1.jpgMost of  you know that for the past few weeks I’ve been waiting for brain tumor biopsy results.

The initial diagnosis was grim: inoperable glioma at my brain stem. Not words you want to hear. I had brain surgery within days to determine the exact type of tumor I was dealing with and my prognosis and treatment plan.

I was told I’d have biopsy results within seven days. We’re more than two weeks out, and I’m still waiting.

So how do you handle waiting for what might be the worst news of your life?

Here are a few suggestions I’d like to offer.

1. Prayer works.

That doesn’t mean we always get what we want. But God does give peace in the storms of life. I’ve been truly blessed these past days, as thousands of friends and loved ones have prayed for me.

2. Keep your eyes on the big picture.

Focusing on circumstances will drag me under. I have to constantly remember God’s end game. My story is part of his bigger story. My life is integral to his plan for history and eternity.

3. Focus on the character of God.

I choose to believe that God is good–all the time. People have messed up this world and they live life their own way and expect God to clean up their messes. God is not watching from a distance. He put on skin and walked through our mess so he could save us.

4. Serve others.

I’ve been pretty sick these past few weeks. But I’ve found ways to minister from my couch. This computer is a pretty amazing thing. Serving is often as simple as a phone call to check on a friend or a card or note of encouragement. Who do YOU know who needs to know you care? Who has the Spirit of God stirred you to serve and minister to? It may well be that person sitting next to you in a medical waiting room.

5. Focus on God’s provision.

When I look back on my life, I see a thousand things to be grateful for. Spend some time telling God how great he is and how thankful you are for what you have. Did you know that hospital access is limited by income in some nations? Do you know how grateful I am for the quality of care in American hospitals? For the medial professionals who served me? For the freedom to go to my church? For so many things…

What about YOU? How do you handle waiting in the hard times?

One thought on “Five Things to Do When You’re Stuck Waiting

  1. Shelly, whenever I reach the end of my endurance, I ask God to take over. HE always does, in a way I hadn’t thot of: Some miracle that helps me endure.

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