Why “Resting” in God Requires Work: The Truth about Trust

GodIsGoodThe last few weeks of my life, my faith has been challenged by the thing docs found snuggled up near my brain stem. They diagnosed it as a glioma (not good) and told me that removing it was too dangerous because of the location.

Pretty stinky news–almost identical to a medical diagnosis I’d been given fifteen years ago.

Fifteen years ago, I freaked out (as spiritually as possible–but it was a freak-out, for sure. I didn’t want to die.

And I still don’t want to die.  But this time, instead of freaking out, I experienced that thing the Bible calls “peace that passes understanding.” I can thank the prayers of thousands of friends and loved ones, in part, for that gift of peace. It wasn’t something I “worked up” on my own.

The peace I experienced was a supernatural gift. But at the same time, I was also given choices every day in how I would respond.

The truth is that “resting” in God requires work on our part. And I went to work, based on what I’ve always staked my life upon: God holds my life in his hands; He is GOOD; the world we live in is sin-cursed, broken, and a dangerous place to live–and God is with us in the sucky parts, bringing about good things beyond what we can imagine.

So what did I do, and what can YOU do to do your part to rest in God when life just plain hurts?

  1. Resting requires you to choose your focus. I choose to minimize circumstances that were out of my control and focus on unshakable, TRUE things: Who God has always proven to be in my life and who he promises to be in his Word: loving, faithful, and trustworthy–a God who knows my suffering and responds to my needs.
  2. Resting means choosing weapons. I chose Scripture-based music (it’s still hard for me to read) filing my thoughts day and night. I chose to FOCUS on things of God a thousand times a day, visualizing Jesus sitting at my side or holding me in his arms, because he is there with me every moment.
  3. Resting means putting your faith in things you cannot see. I am a control freak. My mantra has become, “I can’t control that. Take it, Jesus.” It doesn’t matter if the kitchen floor is gritty (Welcome to Michigan winter) or if I don’t accomplish a list of tasks today. My job is to love God by loving people. No one can block that goal in my life.

So THANK YOU, friends, for your prayers. I have peace. I’m resting. I’m choosing my focus and my weapons and putting my faith in Jesus.


What about YOU? Do you struggle with trust and rest? What weapons are you choosing?

4 thoughts on “Why “Resting” in God Requires Work: The Truth about Trust

  1. Yes! -This too very good & helpful…. with a chronic disease I’ve learned the hard way life’s priorities & spiritually speaking, what IS most important! How to “REST” (relax) & TRUST (rely) in the Lord through difficult and “uncontrollable” or challenging experiences.– Not to freak out in the flesh ! I’m certainly not always successful sinking back into my self (anxieties) but am practicing listening to the Holy Spirit as God tests us everyday to RELY on him for counsel….. moving closer to him……and leaning on his Love for our comfort & strength > Peace to you & gratitude for sharing.[?]

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