Heroes: People Who Look Like Jesus

Sandi and Shelly

Sandi and Shelly

I spent time hanging out with my long-time friend Sandi yesterday and counted the precious minutes as they ticked by. Just over eighteen months ago, Sandi was diagnosed with brain cancer and given 12-18 months to live.

But she’s still here and teaching me a lot.

Sandi’s one of my heroes, a beautiful warrior with a smile that pulls you in and invites you to sit down and open your heart.

All true heroes, I believe, look like Jesus.

They do battle with the evils of this world and have the scars to prove it.

They fight because they believe life has purpose, even when circumstances say defeat is certain.

They know that the Big Picture always interprets the Little Picture.

They know when to smile, when to listen, and when to have the courage to speak up when everyone else is silent.

Like my friend Sandi, true heroes know that every day is an opportunity and a gift.

An opportunity to share a snuggle with a grandchild.

To write the next paragraph of the book.

To be grateful for things too soon forgotten.

To share moments with a treasured friend.

Thank you Sandi, my hero. For looking like Jesus.

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