Where Were You, God?

Photo Credit: by Evgeni Dinev. FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Photo Credit: by Evgeni Dinev. FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

When Wanda and I thought about the questions we wanted to address in Love Letters from the Edge, we knew “Where were you, God?” would be one of the first.

We’ve all asked God tough questions–whether we’ve spoken them out loud or admitted them.

Where were you when I was being raped?

Where were you when my child died in my arms and I cried out for mercy?


Where were you when my loving parent was dying a slow, agonizing, horrific death?

Where were you when I prayed for the torture to stop?

With one wave of your finger you parted the Red Sea for the Children of Israel, God, but you didn’t come for me or my loved one.

Have you or someone you love ever felt that way?

If there’s something I’ve learned about life, trauma, and living in a world of suffering, it’s that this world doesn’t make sense to us. It never will. We expend our energy searching for answers to the Whys of life–the question Phillip Yancey has so aptly described as “the question that never goes away.”

We plead for answers from God, but often our questions are met with silence.

In the end, we are left with the only question that really matters: will we trust God not only for who he says he is, but for what his love proves him to be?

God does not override humanity’s sinful actions and free will. Rescue is not always about removing us from the circumstances we wish to escape. Rescue is also about discovering who God is, experiencing his presence, and trusting his purposes.

Where were you, God, when I was being raped?

I was weeping for you, my child.

I was holding you.

I was bearing you up and breathing life into you when you wanted to give up.

I was weaving purpose into intended ruination.

I was reclaiming Satan’s intended damnation for my glory and for your good, working in countless ways you cannot see.

In the deepest darkness, I stake my life on the goodness of God.

No matter what I see. No matter what I feel. No matter what the world tells me. All other ground is sinking sand.

What about you? Have you asked God Why? Share your experience with us.



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