Ripping Off the Wallpaper

wallpaper-removalFor most of the years of our marriage, Dan and I have lived in fixer-uppers.

Much of our marriage has consisted of tearing down and rebuilding–usually one room at a time–until we finished an entire house. The thought of taking on an entire 2,400 hundred turn-of-the century farmhouse overwhelmed me. But I could handle the thought of taking on one room at a time. So that’s what we did–demo-ing and renovating our way through room after room, house after house for more than thirty-five years of marriage.

A lot of that demo began with a scabby patch of old wallpaper that just had to come down before something new could replace it.A rip of the wallpaper was always my first act of commitment to the task. After that, there was no going back.

A few months ago I finished trauma treatment. A lot of stuff in my life has to be torn down before the new can take its place.

I can spend days and hours stuck in fear, wondering if the task is too big and whether or not I should just keep on living in the musty vestiges of an old life.

Or I can peel up that corner of paper and commit to tearing up just one wall today and taking on just one room. Because if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that God calls me to a hope and a future.

What’s God called YOU to today? Rip off some wallpaper. Commit. Tear out something old so God can create the new things he envisions for you.

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