The God Who Leans Across the Table

textingwifeA few days ago I sat at a coffee shop people-watching. A young husband and wife, identifiable by their contemporary, matching wedding rings, came into the shop and chose a table not far from me. The woman, a petite brunette, was glued to her iPhone, texting madly, which she continued to do for the next ten minutes. Her husband sat quietly across from her and leaned forward, his head resting on one hand and his eyes never leaving her face.

For nearly twenty minutes she texted and he waited. Silently and patiently. It broke my heart.

Fast forward to last night at three AM. I was wide awake. Again.

Making plans. Creating lists. Strategizing. Formulating conversations.

(These are my “special words” for worrying and freaking out about life.)

Someone Somewhere had made a decision with the potential to knock my well-ordered world into the stratosphere. At least that’s what I was telling myself. Fear had come a-knockin’ on my door, so I had to DO something about it.

I laid awake staring into the darkness talking to myself as minutes ticked by. Hours, actually, if I’m going to be
honest–all the while my brain spinning in circles.


I was seated at a table in a coffee shop with my cell phone, madly texting. Across the table from me, my Best Friend patiently waited for me to glance up and notice He was there. To realize that He’s always been with me. That He never leaves my side. That His eyes are glued to me day and night out of love bigger than the universe He created. And in those moments when I’m absorbed by my plans to try to control my destiny, He’s as near as a thought.

He waits, leaning in and patiently waiting for the moment I’ll look up and lay down the distractions in my heart and hands and see Him for who He truly is.


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