My Life: How I Dropped Seventy Pounds Eating What I Love


Shortly after my boxing match with my brain lesion in 1999, I decided to take on the weight problem I’d struggled with all my life.

I was forty-four years old, and I’d tried every passing diet plan, including Weight Watchers (which I think is wonderful). This time I devised a plan of my own. It had three rules:

            Eat what you really like.

            Eat more “healthy” food.

            Eat less food that isn’t quite as “healthy.”


So I made a list of the “healthy” foods that I really liked and put together a skeleton menu of things I thought were yummy and were also healthier for me.

            blueberries                               90 calories per cup

            strawberries                            49 calories per cup

blackberries                           62 calories per cup
(are you catching a theme here?)

            clementines and oranges

            cauliflower mash                    30 calories per cup

                        (made with butter flavoring and a clove of garlic)

            fresh green beans

            steamed broccoli

            baked fish in various forms

            lean pork and beef

            salads with mixed greens, veggies, and vinaigrette dressings

            various snacks that I kept stocked in my cupboards

I refused to look at food in the categories of “good” and “bad.” When I look at the scope of Scripture, I see a God who endorses feasts, fat, and food with friends. Enjoying the pleasures of food without abusing it marks God’s story, from Genesis in the garden to the Marriage Feast of the Lamb.

Over the course of several years, I slowly lost about seventy pounds. I’ve managed to keep off my weight by living by my three rules.

I’m diabetic, and I travel a lot, so I’m always toting foods along with me. Here’s a list of a few of my “must-have” snacks and healthy foods:

1.     blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries

2.     clementines

3.     small to medium apple (55 calories)

4.     Aldi’s CinnaSwirls (100 calories)

5.     Aldi’s cherry Greek yogurt bars (80 calories)

6.     Special K Sweet and Salty Popcorn Chips (120 calories). Wonderful!

7.     Gordon’s Garlic and Herb Grilled Tilapia (80 calories/fillet—I eat 2)

8.     Fiber One 90 calorie Coffee Cake

9.     Dannon Lite and Fit Greek Yogurt (80 calories and 2xprotein)


I’ll be sharing a few simple recipes and more snacking ideas soon. Be sure to check back. And let us know what you’re doing to eat healthy and stay fit.

4 thoughts on “My Life: How I Dropped Seventy Pounds Eating What I Love

  1. Congratulations, that’s quite an achievement. I’m working to get rid of some excess pounds myself. My Fitness Pal (app) has been helpful at keeping count of the calories and the weight is slowly coming off, but it’s a long process.

    • I also use My Fitness Pal and find it very helpful. Yes, it’s a long process. I was trying to establish a lifestyle I could stick with long-term. Thanks for joining the conversation, Lisa.

  2. That’s quite an achievement, my friend. I did similar things a couple of years ago and managed to shed 30+ pounds. Omitting white flour was a big help for me. Ezekiel Bread (found in the frozen, organic section) is what I eat instead of other kinds of bread. It is made in accordance with scripture. Are you familiar with it?
    Lord bless your home.
    Kittye Sharron, Author (soon to be published) The Longest Letter: Incredible Hope

    • Yes, I’m familiar with Ezekiel Bread and recommend it. I purchased it when my father-in-law lived with us. Norman had extreme food allergies. It’s often found in the frozen food section. I currently don’t use it in my diet, but know others who do. Thank you for this reminder, Kittye.

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