Three Things I’ve Learned From Miley Cyrus

make today count

Miley Cyrus has been getting a lot of press for her recent behavior at the VMA Awards.

I’ve seen a lot of outrage on Facebook and blogs. But mostly what I see is people looking at Miley and saying, “I’m not like her. I’d never act like that.”

What we tend to forget is that we’re all motivated by similar things.

The need for attention. The need to be loved. A “me-first” attitude.

So when I look at Miley Cyrus, I can look as a voyeur or I can look for something to learn about myself:

1. If I’m not living my faith today, I don’t have a living faith. Miley attended church regularly when she was younger and was baptized as a profession of her Christian faith. But living my faith always shows up in my every day life. Every day.

2. People are watching me. The audience at the VMA awards had expectations. People in my life have expectations of me–and they should. Whether I like it or not, I have a responsibility to live my life ethically and morally for the good of society. If I’m a Christian, I make biblical choices because I love God and I love people. 

3. Every day I create a legacy. In my opinion, Miley could have invested her time on stage to create something better this week. What she did create cannot be retracted. Every day God gives me is a gift, and I get one shot to invest it. If I’m wise, I’ll create something of value. 

Make today count.

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