Caregiver’s Toolbox

caregiver toolbox

Don’t know where to turn for resources in your caregiving? The following resources can be helpful to you.

Are you experiencing stress in your caregiving? While caring for a loved one can be fulfilling, it can also bring emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual challenges. The Family Caregiver Stress Assessment Tool can help you understand how stress is affecting you.

Need help choosing a care provider? Talk to a Family Advisor for free at 866-824-8174.

Need answers on caregiver wellness? Visit the Caregiver Wellness Solution Center.

Caregivers who hide their emotions are 2-3 times more likely to have experienced depression. Visit Caring for the Caregiver to learn more about caregiver depression.

Need answers to money-related issues in caregiving? has the experts who can help.

If you’re in need of support groups or other resources, consider the following:

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