A Gift of Hope for Those in Oklahoma


In the aftermath of the disaster in Oklahoma, Steve Siler of Music for the Soul would like to offer the following message of comfort from his project After the Storm. After the Storm was written in the days after Hurricane Katrina to offer comfort to survivors. The message is timeless, and Steve extends the words and music again as a message of hope, extended in the name of Jesus.

To listen to or download the song, click on the Music for the Soul link above, then the title of the song on the page.


Words & Music by Ty Lacy & Steve Siler

Somebody’s down to their last dime
Somebody’s running out of time
Not too far from here
Somebody’s got nowhere else to go
Somebody needs a little hope
Not too far from here
and I may not know their names
But I’m praying just the same
That you’ll use me Lord to wipe away a tear
‘Cause somebody’s crying
Not too far from here
Somebody’s troubled and confused
Somebody’s got nothing left to lose
Not too far from here
Somebody’s forgotten how to trust
Somebody’s dying for love
Not too far from here
It may be a stranger’s face
But I’m praying for your grace
To move in me and take away the fear
‘Cause somebody’s hurting
Not too far from here
Help me Lord not to turn away from pain
Help me not to rest while those around me weep
Give me your strength and compassion
When somebody finds the road of life too steep
Now I’m letting down my guard
and I’m opening my heart
Help me speak your love to every needful ear
Jesus is waiting
Not too far from here
Jesus is waiting
Not too far from here

© 1993 Shepherd’s Fold Music / Ariose Music (Administered by EMI Christian Music Publishing)

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