Novel Writing 101 Continued: Artisanal Publishing


So back to my friend Teri and the advice I’ve been giving her as a beginning writer. (By the way, she’s chugging along and has written more than 15,000 words of her first draft since my last post on this topic. Yay, Teri!). What else do I have to say to Teri and other aspiring novelists?

The publishing world doesn’t look like it did five years ago. Epublishing is changing just about everything. Shawn Welch and Guy Kawasaki have written a book called APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. Kawasaki offers vast experience as an author, marketer, and businessman, having worked alongside Steve Jobes. APE describes newest trend in publishing: artisanal publishing, “the process where a craftsman controls the entire process of creating a book in the same sense that artisanal brewers, bakers, and winemakers control their craft.”

Artisanal publishing offers authors the option of controlling every aspect of the publishing process. It bypasses the lengthy timelines of pub board reviews and publishing calendars and places creative control in the hands of the author. However, with that control comes full responsibility for marketing your book and financing your project.

If you’re an author who doesn’t need to or want to sell tens of thousands of books or an author who has a ready platform to market your book, artisanal publishing may be for you. It’s also an option for authors who are savvy about marketing or can create an effective marketing strategy.

APE provides a roadmap for bringing a book from conception to reality. For more information, check out Jeff Goins’ recent interview with Guy Kawasaki.

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