What Would You Do If You Had One Month to Live?



Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working as the managing editor of a new Bible for those who are dealing with grief. As the author of three books on caregiving who has taken care of terminally ill loved ones in my home, I’ve wrestled with questions about death and dying.

About twelve years ago, I lost my ability to walk, see, stand, or care for myself. Doctors found a golfball-sized lesion in my brain near my brain stem. In forty-eight hours, my life turned upside-down, and I was suddenly faced with the possibilities of long-term care and terminal illness.

In the following video, Dennis has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. He has just months to live. He’s faced with the hardest question of all: how to invest the time he has left. CLICK TO SEE VIDEO

For me the answer to that question involved investing my experiences for eternal benefits. During one long hospital night, I told God that if he chose to bless me with more time on earth, I’d tell as many people as possible about him by using the gifts of writing and speaking that he’d given me. Since then, he’s allowed me the blessing of co-founding two writers’ conferences, writing seven books and contributing to or ghosting others. He’s blessed me with the opportunity to speak to thousands of people across the nation and bring truth through the power of story.

What about you? How would you respond if you learned you had just a short time left to live? What relationships would you wish you’d repaired? What words would you wish you’d spoken? What dream would you  wish you’d pursued? What time and talents would you wish you’d invested?

Today, think about what you can do now that will create a legacy that will not only change lives now, but echo into eternity.

4 thoughts on “What Would You Do If You Had One Month to Live?

    • I will keep a firm grip on my sense of humor and always ask to see press releases before they go out in the future.

  1. I have often wondered the same question. I have always envisioned writing a book, creating art, and maintaining real relationships. When your life starts to take a different path,due to circumstances, you start to see things differently, like what matters the most.

    • Thanks for your perspective. We all struggle with the distractions of daily life and often fail to see the bigger picture.

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