Sanctuary. Peace. Rest. And purpose greater than my understanding.

No matter where we’ve grown up, those same longings call out to all of us. From Oprah Winfrey Whitney Houston to Mother Theresa to the homeless orphan, we all desire the same things: peace, love, security, a sense of belonging. The longings of the heart are universal. And they point to the fact that we were created for and find our fulfillment in relationships. And temporal relationships that come to an end leave us longing for more.

Ask five hundred people from various cultures and walks of life what they long for, and you’ll get strikingly similar answers: love, peace, to find a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

And although my time at the ocean may soothe my spirit, it won’t meet the deepest needs of my soul. Those things can only be found in a relationship, and the earth never will be able to fulfill a personal role to fill the gaping holes in my life.

How grateful I am for a loving God who sent His Son to do that. And who crafted a world that shouts His name and calls me to Him.

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