The Power of Words

Yesterday my good friend and publicist Wanda and I drove from western Michigan to Chicago, where I did two radio interviews for the Moody radio network–one for Midday Connection with Anita Lustrea, and one with Chris Fabry Live. The interviews were a delight, and it was a privilege to be on both shows with Anita and Chris in the same day. One interview in particular focused on the power of our talk.

After fighting big-city traffic, we landed back in Grand Rapids exhausted and famished. We stopped at a favorite restaurant to pick up dinner before heading home. As I walked into the restaurant to pick our meal, I noticed a lovely middle-aged woman standing hear the door, chatting with a gentleman who appeared to be her spouse or her date. She was striking–beautiful skin, a gorgeous smile, lovely almond eyes. I glanced at her twice before I turned around.

“You’re really lovely, you know,” I stated. “Just beautiful. Have a wonderful evening.” Then I slipped into the restaurant, picked up our food, and slipped back out.

I don’t know know how long it had been since this woman had heard a compliment. Perhaps she heard them every day. I only knew that it took me two seconds to say something that blessed her, and it cost me nothing. In fact, it felt good.

When I returned to my car a few minutes later, my friend told me that the lady had turned to the gentleman with her with a look of amazement and a smile.

Every day we hold the power to change the world with a look, a tone, a word.

Look for someone today. Then change their world with a few simple words.

5 thoughts on “The Power of Words

  1. It’s true!!

    Jessica has this same gift of seeing the beauty in people and speaking it out.

    Also.. this picture that goes with this post is AWESOME 🙂


    • We never know how much our encouragement means to someone. Even a simple comment can change a life. Thank you for the insight.

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