Sandscribbler Editorial Services

Sandscribbler Editorial Services

Who are we?

Shelly and her team offer editorial services founded upon her extensive experience editing, writing, and publishing for over twenty-five years. This is your opportunity to work with an award-winning professional who’s worked with some of the top editors and writers in the publishing industry ghosting, co-writing, mentoring, crafting winning proposals, and teaching writing at conferences across the nation. Partner with a skilled professional to transform your manuscript into the very best it can be.

Among her works of fiction, Shelly is the author of the Christy Award-winning Hallie’s Heart. She was also nominated for the Evangelical Christian Publishers Award for Precious Lord, Take My Hand, the first of her caregiving books. She teaches principles from her popular self-help book The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk in prisons across the nation. Shelly’s work has also appeared in numerous collections and anthologies.

Shelly has co-written and ghosted with a wide variety of clients, ranging from new authors to a Pulitzer Prize finalist and the President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She creates positive relationships with her clients, helping them take their writing to new levels and to move toward their publication goals.

Our mission

As we evaluate your manuscript, our mission is to help you identify your strengths as a writer, while simultaneously working to correct weaknesses in your work. We provide observations, commentary, and potential alternatives that can turn an ordinary manuscript into a memorable, and potentially saleable one. While we cannot guarantee publication, we can promise to assist you in creating a manuscript that will get the attention of potential agents and publishers. Our comments and suggestions are always positive and constructive. Because of our knowledge of the marketplace, we sometimes make recommendations regarding submissions; however, the submission process is always the client’s full responsibility.

What we can do, what we can’t do

We prefer to work with the following types of manuscripts: fiction, including general romance, Christian romance, mysteries, adventure, and general novels. We are willing to consider science fiction and fantasy, as well as historical novels, but we are not historians and cannot provide historically-accurate commentary. We also work with non-fiction in a wide range of fields. Email with any questions.

Script doctoring is also offered in conjunction with a seasoned Hollywood professional who has worked on such noted films as Groundhog’s Day and with many ofHollywood’s top professionals. Rates vary.

How it works

We prefer manuscripts to be in Word.doc format. Scripts may be submitted in Final Draft. We will submit comments via Track Changes and Insert Comments feature. All work will be done electronically. Extra charges will apply if printing is required.

We occasionally evaluate manuscripts submitted in hard copy but at a higher rate per page. We add detailed comments in the margins of your manuscript so you will know exactly where changes may be required. We don’t re-write your manuscript but give you constructive criticism which will enable you to make the change you feel appropriate. Editorial services do not include proofreading (line editing for commas, misspellings, punctuation, etc.). Line editing, or proofreading is available as a separate service, after your manuscript has been evaluated and re-written.

How long does the process take?

From the time your manuscript and initial deposit are received, you may expect to wait anywhere from 6-12 weeks, depending on our work load. We will provide you with a wait-time estimate at the time of submission. We also provide a rush service, which places your manuscript at the top of the list (in line with others who have paid for rush service). Rush service is an additional $100 and reduces wait time by half.

Now what?

After you’ve completed your manuscript and edited it to the best of your ability, email us to schedule an evaluation of your work. Include a brief synopsis (what the work is about and a description of the main character). Include the first five pages so we can evaluate your book for compatibility with our software and determine if we can be of assistance. In most cases, we’re able to assist writers at any stage of their career – whether they’re beginners or advanced writers. We occasionally guide writers to books and websites that can assist them in learning and growing.

Rates and payment
Manuscript evaluation:
100 pages or less:     $200
101-300 pages:        $450
Over 300 pages, add $1.50 for each additional page

*Proofreading and Line Editing
100 pages or less:     $150
101-300 pages:         $300
Over 300 pages, add $1.00 for each additional page.

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