Blessings Behind Bars

If you’d told me ten years ago I’d be traveling across the country speaking in women’s prisons, I’d probably have given you a puzzled look. At that point in my life, I wouldn’t have had a clue what to say to women behind bars.

But God has a funny way of sneaking up on us, changing us, and using us in ways we might never imagine. For me, one of those ways is as a speaker for Daughters of Destiny prison ministry, presenting seminars and evangelistic messages in prisons across the nation.

Daughters of Destiny is the country’s fast growing and largest full circle women’s prison ministry. Their mission is to equip, train, and empower volunteers to reach incarcerated women for Christ and to disciple them while in prison and after release. More than one million women are currently serving time in prisons across the United States. Ninety percent of those women have been abused and are broken and hurting. Daughters of Destiny uses special evangelistic events and seminars, as well as life groups (discipleship Bible studies), Women 4 Women correspondence relationships, and a discipleship network that mentors women upon release.

Over the past several months, it’s been my privilege to travel to a number of prisons across the nation and present seminars on my book The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk. Every facility where I speak receives a gift of 100 copies of my book for the prison population to study. Women across the nation are coming to Jesus Christ, and lives are being transformed as women learn to do battle with lies that have held them in bondage for years. In the Topeka Correctional Facility alone, 24 women trusted Jesus Christ for salvation.

Please pray for my ministry with Daughters of Destiny. It costs me approximately $1,500 to donate copies of my books to each prison, as well as fund my travels costs. But I am committed to this life-changing ministry to women. I was the victim of one of Michigan’s most notorious serial rapists, but for years the only injustice I cared about was the injustice that came into my life with the act of violence targeted at me. But God changed my life and gave me a passion for the hurting and broken.

I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to share God’s message of love and hope to my sisters in prisons. If you’d like to partner in my ministry with Daughters of Destiny, donations can be made to the account of Shelly Beach at Daughters of Destiny, 3028 N. El Paso, Colorado Springs, CO 80907.

Seminar in Topeka

4 thoughts on “Blessings Behind Bars

  1. This is wonderful, Shelly.
    I’d love to help out. Will send donation.
    Love you…Love what you’re doing.

    • Sandi, you’re a sweetheart. I can’t tell you what a joy it is to minister to these women.

  2. Shelly,

    What a unique ministry. Isn’t it amazing how God moves us around to doing things we never thought we’d do?
    You’ll be in my prayers.

    Wanda Maxey

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