A Different Dream for My Child

Valuable resource by author Jolene Philo


Author Jolene Philo has written a must-read book for parents of critically, chronically, or terminally ill children. A Different Dream for My Child is powerful and candidly honest in its portrayal of the struggles of parents dealing with sorrow and loss related to their children’s illness. This book gives voices to the fears and frustrations that often go unvoiced and offers the compassion and understanding of a trusted friend. 

Writing from the perspective of a mother who struggled through the diagnosis of a life-threatening birth defect of her son Allen and the subsequent surgeries and heartbreak, Jolene writes from the perspective of experience and wisdom. A Different Dream reaches beyond the typical devotional and offers comfort, biblical perspective, and practical help for parents. 

Jolene deals with the realities of dealing with diagnosis, true and false guilt, second opinions, the realities of living in the hospital environment,  dealing with fear, becoming an educated advocate, family stresses,  living with the “new normal,” raising a survivor, and the trauma of losing a child. 

Holly G. Miller, editor for the Saturday Evening Post has said it well: “A Different Dream for My Child offers the right words for those painful moments when everything seems wrong. [Philo’s] personal stories create common ground with readers; her prayers express what grieving parents feel but can’t articulate; her reflective postscripts nudge readers to move past the ‘now’ and onto the ‘what’s next?’ Philo’s book is like a gentle balm prescribed for persons bruised and battered by circumstances.”

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