Free Conflict Resolution Resource from Icorvi Ministries

I’ve always been one of those last-minute gift shoppers. But I’m delighted to be bringing you a free gift just days before Christmas, knowing that it’s the perfect gift that will keep on giving. And giving.

At the mention of the word “conflict,” all five of my books jump into my head. My life flashes before my eyes. Life for many of us is a series of crises stung together, spaced out by gaps of time to gather our breath. Novels center around the heartbreak of conflict: Why does God allow suffering? Why do parents act like children sometimes? Why do children break their parents’ hearts? Are we required to forgive those who seem bent on ruining our lives? What does justice look like?

My caregiving books also touch on the pain of crisis when families face difficult choices in some of the most challenging moments of their lives. The stresses of caregiving can stress families to the max, and conflict and become a daily dynamic. Family members often don’t share an equal weight of responsibility in caregiving. Resentment builds. Childhood frustrations resurface. Communication breaks down, and the family structure can erode.

Conflict is part of everyday life; it influences marriages and family relationships, it poisons the health of churches, it destroys work environments, and it decimates friendships. If someone could market a simple solution for conflict resolution, they’d be richer than Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey combined by the end of the week.

I’m truly excited to tell you about a free resource developed by my friend David Garrett. Dave is a lawyer who’s invested his life in several great ministries and has devoted himself to creating resources on biblical conflict resolution. Dave’s ministry, Icorvi Ministries (which stands for First Corinthians 6, i.e., I Cor IV), can be found at

One of Dave’s most valuable resources is an interactive, free, and confidential conflict resolution tool called Solomon’s Abacus. Solomon’s Abacus gives each user the opportunity to plug in specific information regarding their conflict situation and then receive a free, personalized report that incorporates solid biblical principles of conflict resolution.

I encourage anyone experiencing conflict in a caregiving, family, church or similar situation to check out this valuable resource at Dave Garrett’s site at Thanks, Dave, for sharing such a valuable tool and making it available to individuals, churches, pastors, and counselors.

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