Prayers for Dad

Dad with Mom last year

Dad with Mom last year

This Monday, July 6, my dad will undergo open-heart surgery for the replacement of a valve blocked by significant stenosis. Dad is just days away from his eighty-eightth birthday, which puts him in a category of less than 10% of those who undergo open-heart surgery.

We’d appreciate your prayers for my father–Paul Burke–over the next few weeks. Dad loves the Lord, and he’s a realist who walks out his faith with a practicality reflected in the three -dollar shoes he scooped up at Valueland and has worn into moccasins. No complaints as he flutters to the floor in an unoxygenated slump. No victim mentality about his aches and pains or the loss of his wife. Just a tad too much bragging about his kids and grandkids and a fierce longing to see the world set right.

We love you, Dad. And we’ll be there beside you.

4 thoughts on “Prayers for Dad

  1. Oh Shelly! Prayers going up right now for dad… if they are doing this surgery at his age, I take it that he is in otherwise great health, so hopefully this will be a cake-walk for him. Blessings to you all my friend!


  2. Other than Dad’s bad valve, he’s in great physical condition. He works out regularly, eats a healthy diet (with a smattering of sweets thrown in), controls his weight, and is a non-smoker and non-drinker. His healthy choices make him a great candidate for this surgery. Thank you for your love and prayers, Allie.

  3. Hi Shelly, I’m the Asst. Director where Dad lives at American House Elmwood. I get to see him every day and he is really looking good. I took a couple of pics of him on Friday and I will email them to you as an attachment from work. He is indeed a great guy and I am very glad your family picked our location for him to reside.
    I am going to see if our local Rochester Hills Public Library has any of your books. If not, I will request them. My warmest regards, Dianne

    • Dianne, we’re so glad to have dad at your facility. He loves it there, and as he says, “Can’t find a thing to complain about.” It’s a special comfort to our family that loving and caring people surround him. Thank you so much for being my hands when I can’t be there. Hugs, Shelly

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