Morningsong in My Hot Little Hands

I’m holding yet another of my babies–my newest fiction release, Morningsong (Kregel Publications), the sequel to my Christy Award-winning novel Hallie’s Heart. I couldn’t be more excited about this book, a contemporary novel that relates real-life family grit with a spiritual perspective and a touch of humor. Five-time Christy Award-winning novelist Lynn Austin describes Morningsong in the following way:

“Morningsong is a beautifully written story of real people living painful, joyful, complicated lives. This realistic portrayal of how messy our lives sometimes become shows readers how to find hope in the midst of loss, how to love the unlovable, how to forgive after trust is broken, and how to find God’s strength when we’ve reached the end of our own. I loved it!” Lynn Austin, author of Until We Reach Home

Morningsong shows the importance of inter-generational relationships and the power of a simple life well lived to the glory of God–a message that’s become lost in an upwardly mobile culture focused on glitz and glam, power and possessions. It’s the perfectmorningsong-cover-jpg read to stick in a suitcase for spring break or a weekend getaway.

Morningsong will be releasing at the Dallas Book Expo March 19-22 and will be available in bookstore at the end of the month. It is available for purchase at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. And once again, I’m offering a free autographed copy of your choice of one of my titles to the first three people who post a review of Morningsong on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Simply post your review and email me at

4 thoughts on “Morningsong in My Hot Little Hands

    • Thanks, Andrew. I’m excited about sharing it with my readers and seeing where it leads for the next story. Story always leads to story for us writers, you know.

  1. I am so glad I found you.:-)I have been caregiver to myself and my husband since 2002.We are only 47 and 56 years of age.Husband had heart attack and mild stroke in 2002 and had to go on disability.I had to stay home to care for him.Then I developed some health issues(atrial fibrillation,low thyroid,depression,sleep apnea for both husband and myself).During all this I discovered a love and gifting for writing.We now have an 8 year old granddaughter we watch occasionally while her single mom works.She seems to catch everything that goes around.More care-giving on our part.It’s so stressful at times as we deal with our own issues as well as granddaughter’s colds,etc.I will come back here for encouragement often!Bless you Shelly and thank you for being here.~Sharon Goemaere

    • Sharon, I can see that you carry heavy responsibility with your caregiving. Know that God is interested in every detail of your lives and is carrying you in a million unseen ways. I am praying for you and with you and that God will expand a circle of support around you. Hugs and blessings, Shelly

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